Corporate Name Techno Project Co., Ltd.
Headquarter Timeplaza building 2-10-14 Gakuen-minami, Matsue City, Shimane Pref., 690-0826, Japan TEL: +81-852-32-1140
Tokyo branch Yuwa building 4F, 2-11-16,Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku Tokyo, 105-0013 Japan
President Hiroshi Yoshioka
Capital 100 million yen.(Authorized capital 400 million yen.)
Founded March 1st., 1984
Main shareholders Sanin Chuo Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd Fujitsu Ltd. The San-in Godo Bank, Ltd.
Employees 184(April 1st. 2012)
Sales 3,490 million yen. (March 2013, Fiscal year end) 3,370 million yen. (March 2012, Fiscal year end)
Associated companies Matsukei Co. Ltd. Noah Solution Co. Ltd.
Participating organization General incorporated foundation Shimane Pref. information industry association Open source software society Shimane JAHIS
Supporting organization General incorporated foundation Ruby association

Corporate History

Mar. 1984 Established Techno Project Co. Ltd.
Oct. 1997 Obtained Quality Management Certification ‘ISO9001’.
Oct. 1998 Developed Remote medical supporting system for Oki island (Image diagnosis).
Sep. 1999 Obtained Privacy Mark.
Mar. 2000 Authorized as System integrator company by Ministry of economy.
Apr. 2001 Developed ‘Shimane Medical Net’ Diagnosis link system.
July. 2002 Stock Acquisition of Matsukei Co., Ltd. (100%)
Apr. 2003 Established Tokyo office.
Oct. 2003 Received order of Shimane pref. Electric Application System (JV, Head company)
Nov. 2003 Obtained Information Security Management System(ISMS)
Apr. 2004 Sales release Electric Medical Recording System ‘CIMA Chart’.
Sep. 2006 Acquired authorized Information Security Management System (ISO/IEC27001)
Apr. 2007 Established Tokyo branch.
Oct. 2008 Matsukei Co., Ltd participated IDC business.
Jul. 2009 ‘Shimane Medical Net’ won second prize of Nikkei BP ‘IT Japan Award 2009’.
Apr. 2010 Authorized as System integrator authorized by Ruby association.

Main Business Fields

Local government Residence information, Tax, Financial accounting, Public Facilities, Education institution
Health care Medical recording, Medical matter, Caring, Handicapped people and Local medical network.
Private demands (Munufacture, Distribution, Financial, Services) Sales management, Production management, Cost management, CRM, Press
ICT infrastructure technology Wide area network and cloud service Relaying DB (ID/WSF・SAML)Thin client Cell phone/Smart phone/Straight PC development
Development of Ruby Open source. Agile software development of Ruby/Rails. Multi platform development for smart phone. Backbone system development.

Personnel Qualification

The number of high grade qualification of information processing engineer.

Qualifications Number
IT strategist 11
System auditing engineer 5
System architect project manager 19
System architect 22
Specialist for network 18
Specialist for database 13
Specialist for information security 26
IT service manager 15
Embedded System Specialist 1

Percentage of high-grade qualification each one person is 71.4%. (August 1st. 2012)

ruby    iso27001    10820011
Headquarter Timeplaza building 2-10-14, Gakuen-minami, Matsue City, Shimane Pref., 690-0826, Japan
TEL: +81-852-32-1140
FAX: 0852-32-1160
Tokyo branch Yuwa building 4F, 2-11-16, Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-kuTokyo, 105-0013, Japan
TEL: +81-3-6450-1371
FAX: 03-6450-1372